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J J Rawlings’ June 4 in history

Le lieutenant Jerry Rawlings lors d’une conf?rence de presse le 20 janvier 1982 au Ghana. (Photo by J?r?me CHATIN/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

Flt.Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings became President of the Ghana before the coup D’etat in 1979. He was arguably known from cleaning of Ghana from corrupt entities, there have been many pictures surrounding the incident.

Some images on June 4 may be pleasing to see again.But not all could be tagged as refreshing to see again. Some pictures of Flt Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings can’t be featured in a documentary in which followers draw inspiration from but the bigger picture is that he helped save Ghana from very dire situations.

Most of the images have been documented whiles others are missing from the museums but the June 4 images can not be deleted when telling the African liberation story.Mr Rawlings have contributed to the African liberation story and have left us good image.

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In fact if he should put up these behavior today,it would be weird and unbelievable. He wouldn’t be near our Presidency for exhibiting such character.

Source: Britishaccra.com



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