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Crazy Caribbean Painting Festival 2021



There are numerous bizarre activities and events held across the globe each year in several countries. However, the ones that seem to surprise most people are those celebrated by the people in the Caribbean areas.


A very popular yet strange one is the painting festivals held annually by the people of Trinidad. In actual fact, this festival is a sub-event held alongside a chain of other crazy carnivals held on this beautiful island.


During these events, many young women and men are spotted fully “bathed” with paint of different colors while they stroll the streets.

Year in year out, thousands of people are drawn to the island to catch a glimpse of this rare scene and also use it as an avenue of escape from their busy lives and schedules.


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In as much as this may be an amazing sight to behold for most people, others do think it is a fun way to get over stress, boredom and catch the sight of something different.


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