A woman says she learned her boyfriend was cheating on her while in the delivery room only hours after giving birth to their baby. She shared the incident to TikTok three days ago, where her video gained over six million views.

woman tiktok cheating.jpg© TikTok / aubrecita woman tiktok cheating.jpgThe TikToker, known as @aubrecita on the app, recorded herself as she shared the story to her followers. “Feeding my hours-old baby in the hospital, the nurses had asked me to record the times that he ate so I grab my sleeping boyfriend’s phone to check the time,” she wrote in the video.

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Then, she shared a screenshot from her boyfriend’s phone with a text message from another woman. The text, sent from someone named Marissa, was asking the woman’s boyfriend to come cuddle with her. To top it all off, the wallpaper on her boyfriend’s phone was a picture of their newborn baby.

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“I know — I can’t believe he let his battery get that low either,” she captioned the video.

Social media users were outraged by the man’s infidelity, and asked questions in the comments about the status of their relationship.

The TikToker clarified that she and her baby’s father are not together anymore, and the incident happened nine years ago. The woman who texted had no idea her boyfriend was taken either, or that he recently had a baby.

“Honestly Marissa was innocent she didn’t know!!!” the original poster responded. “Plus he was texting like 3 other girls so she was getting played too”.

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Other TikTok users shared their own experiences of cheating partners.

“I found out on Christmas morning 2 months after our twins were born,” one person said. “He never lets his phone leave his hand, I guess I got lucky”.

“Mine walked out the room every hour to update some girl I didn’t even know,” someone else said.

Another person commented: “As a Marissa, we do NOT claim her.”

In a follow-up video, @aubrecita updated her fans that she is now married to a new man “who restored my faith in men”.

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