Internet personality Andrea Russett has revealed how she spent £750 to ensure her face would keep appearing on her ex’s social media feed.

Sharing the admission with her 1.5 million followers, Russett’s video has received 973,000 views, 147,000 likes and 300 comments since she uploaded it five days ago.

She uploaded the clip with the caption: “The time I paid $1,000 to have a selfie of myself promoted on Instagram directly to my ex’s demographic so he had to constantly see my face.”

“I have so many of these,” she wrote in the caption.

In the comments, one viewer joked: “Business expense”.

Others urged her to share the selfie, while some who remember seeing the advert on social media also commented.

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“I saw this 24/7 for a straight month,” one viewer wrote.

Another said: “The way I saw this and was very confused why it was sponsored”.

Russett posted the clip as part of a trend in which people share admissions to past toxic relationship habits to the tune of Patsy Cline’s Crazy.

Other clips posted with the trending sound include gems such as: “When I found out he cheated so I bought $30 worth of $1 instant mashed potatoes and sprinkled them in his yard in the night as it rained and watched as his yard became a potato pit.”

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