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Woman catches boyfriend cheating hours after giving birth to their baby

A woman says she learned her boyfriend was cheating on her while in the delivery room only hours after giving birth to their baby. She shared...

These Are the Top Sex Positions to Help People With Vaginas Orgasm

dinkoobraz/adobe stock Ashley Britton/SheKnowsThere are all sorts of ways to have sex with all sorts of biological (and store-bought) equipment — and not all...

What exactly does side chicks do better than a main chick?

Through the eyes of millennials, we observe the force that side chicks wield over men, which main chicks may never be able to compete...

These are 5 top signs of fake love in a relationship

To really know that the love in your relationship is genuine or not, here are some of the signs to look out for.If it...

Video: Headie One ft AJ Tracey and Stormy-Ain’t it different


5 signs he feels guilty for hurting you

If he hurt you and feels bad about it, he may feel like he owes you.As the popular saying goes, ‘ action speaks louder...